850 WFTL Hosts Book Signing with Dan Bongino

On Tuesday, September 19th, 850 WFTL welcomed Dan Bongino to our studios to broadcast his nationally syndicated show.  While here, clients and staff, were treated to a meet & greet and book signing.

Dan Bongino’s The Gift of Failure: And I’ll Rethink the Title If This Book Fails! is available now.  

Dan Bongino’s brutally honest, deeply personal, and unforgettable stories about how he transformed failures into victories will enthrall, entertain, and inspire listeners.

In The Gift of Failure, leading conservative commentator Dan Bongino identifies failures in his life and how those failures led to bigger and better things. With the same laser-focused intensity that has made him one of America’s most popular voices, Bongino uncompromisingly cuts to the heart of failure with a collection that is inspirational, motivational, entertaining, touching, and redemptive. The former Secret Service agent currently hosts one of the country’s most listened-to radio programs along with a top-rated podcast and the popular Fox News television show Unfiltered.

Throughout his career, Bongino has helped trailblaze a fight for free speech and free expression, garnering many national headlines for taking on some of the biggest tech companies in the world to challenge their seemingly draconian censorship policies. Along the way, through his many David versus Goliath battles, Bongino has learned the hard way why failure matters.

In The Gift of Failure, he shares, in vivid detail, many of these experiences—from high-profile, front-page stories involving the drama behind Parler and Rumble, to never-before-shared personal tales covering his childhood, the Secret Service, the media, a recent serious health battle, and much more. Bongino’s vulnerability, coupled with his unapologetic honesty and humor, help illuminate many life lessons.

This is unforgettable storytelling as only Bongino can deliver. Whether you agree with him or not, there’s something here for everyone.

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