What We Do

We are an audio, lifestyle, digital, creative company that turns up the volume on your marketing message and connects you to your local community.


As the original social media, our radio stations take pride in our award-winning talent. We are LIVE and local on air and online—reaching your customers all day. Our engaging personalities connect to listeners with humor and storytelling. Let us tell YOUR story.



Tuned in.

83.7% of West Palm Beach DMA Age 18+ Adults listen to Local AM/FM Radio every week.

WPB DMA Nielsen Scarborough R2 2022


It’s her call.

80% of all purchases are influenced by women.

Forbes/Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2019


We create a buzz.

WPB DMA Local Radio increases Google Search reach from 81.8% to 96.3%... a 14.5% increase!

WPB DMA Nielsen Scarborough R2 2022


You heard it here first.

46% of people Age 12+ discover New Music on Local Radio.

Edison/Triton Infinite Dial, August 2020

The digital marketing world is a fast moving and oftentimes confusing place. 2060 Digital is a Hubbard-owned stand-alone digital marketing agency that guides you through website development, social media management, SEO, PPC, OTT, display ads, content marketing, email marketing and more. We offer solutions we'd happily recommend to our grandmothers.

Influencer Marketing

Real people make authentic connections and deliver the most meaningful results. So, through talent development and coaching, we have built a cast of popular, relatable personalities who can engage and captivate a very loyal audience. 


Compelling and relatable air talent is what separates local radio from all other audio entertainment services."

Ginny Morris, Hubbard Radio Chair and CEO

ginny morris hubbard radio
Happy, young couple smiling lively while recording music at home

In-House Creative

Our award-winning production and promotions departments would love to tell your story, make you stand out, and link your brand to our active audience. Whether it’s on-air, in a podcast, or via television, video, graphic design or social media, we can provide solutions. Just keep the coffee coming.


When people listen to your podcast, it’s like they said, “Hey, can I get some expert advice from you?” And you said, “Sure…let’s chat for a while.” What a cool way to connect with your customers! Well, our partnership with PodcastOne adds a powerful tool to your marketing strategy that allows you to be where your customers are—on their mobile device. You provide the experience. We’ll provide the resources. 


Custom Content

Humblebrag Alert: We have an impressive social following. Our email database is substantial—and we count our monthly web site page views by the hundreds of thousands. We connect our fans with your brand through custom content including social posts, video, display ads, blogs and sponsorships that inspire, engage and entertain. Basically, our brands can be found anywhere your customers are. 


Nothing builds brand advocacy like meeting your customers face-to-face. From ideas to planning, our brand engagement team (a fancy name for event planners) has the experience and enthusiasm to make your event big league!

What We Do - Events

Let’s get to know each other.

Find out how Hubbard South Florida campaigns are helping clients engage audiences across channels, screens and devices.