WRMF’s Kevin Rolston To Be Honored With MSBC’s 2024 ‘Kidd Kraddick Award’

THE MOUTH, MARCH 26, 2024 – Morning Show Boot Camp (MSBC) is pleased to announce this year’s ‘Kidd Kraddick Award’ recipient will be Kevin Rolston of the legendary KVJ show from Hubbard Radio’s WRMF-FM West Palm Beach, FL.  Named in honor of the late Kidd Kraddick, the award recognizes those of unparalleled success, inimitable style and authenticity, exemplary service to their community, and serving as a constant source of inspiration to other shows and personalities. Rolston is shown above with co-hosts Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington (shown L-R).

Traditionally, each year’s recipient is charged with selecting the following year’s honoree. Last year’s recipient, Dave Ryan (R) of iHeart’s KDWB-FM Minneapolis, said in selecting Rolston, “The responsibility of choosing the next Kidd Kraddick Award winner is the hardest part of winning this award. So many amazing radio people went through my head like characters on a slot machine! But I owed Kevin for helping me hide that body at Boot Camp 2014 so I knew he was the one.”

Ryan adds, “Seriously, Kevin is amazing on two important fronts. Of course he’s an incredible radio talent. His content is different and fun and innovative and absolutely compelling. He never plays it safe and it pays off. On top of that, he’s a visionary. He sees where the industry is going and how to get his show on that same path. If you want to know where to point your show in 2024, follow Kevin. He gets it. I get such a kick out of knowing I had anything to do with Kevin’s career and I’m honored to pass this award on to that college student that used to listen to my show back in the day.”

On being named as this year’s recipient Kevin says, “There isn’t an honor I would cherish more. I believe Kidd Kraddick was the most gifted person to ever crack a microphone in our industry. Everyone to have received his award is an industry giant. I don’t feel worthy, but I’m not gonna turn this down either! And to receive this award from Dave Ryan is such a cool full-circle moment for me.”

“Dave Ryan is the sole reason I’m even in radio in the first place,” Kevin added, “Hearing him on the Morning Zoo at WNCI in Columbus as a young impressionable kid at Ohio University who couldn’t pick a career path, inspired me and gave me the idea that maybe I could do this too. I wanted to be him so bad. Kind of weird where life takes you.”

Past honorees include The Roula and Ryan Show at KRBE in Houston, Bert Weiss of the syndicated ‘The Bert Show,’ The YEA Network Syndicated ‘The Kidd Kraddick Show, The Ace & TJ Show, 97X Quad Cities’ Dwyer & Michaels Show, Big 105.9 Miami’s Paul Castronovo, BJ Shea, co-host of BJ & Sarah Mornings on KZOK-FM Seattle, Brother Wease Radio 95.1 Rochester, Mojo of Channel 955 Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning and, of course, Dave Ryan.

The Kraddick Award will be presented during Talentmasters’ 36th Annual Morning Show Boot Camp (MSBC), taking place August 8-10 at The Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego. Register now by clicking HERE

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